Our market is brisk. As a Buyer, you probably will not have the luxury of browsing to select the best house from a wide array of great houses. Your perfect home could be one of the first  properties seen. Buyers who want a reasonable deal on a nice home must get familiar with today's pricing as quickly as possible.


In February, 2006 I was showing new listings. Often within an hour of showing a home, I would receive a call from the listing agent asking if my Buyer was going to make an offer because offers were being presented in the next few hours. Appointments could not be made a day ahead as the home was sold before you could get there to show it.



 Right now, pricing is inconsistent. Buyers who panic and don't have a Realtor to give them good information about current market conditions can make foolish decisions. No one should pay too much or buy the wrong home. Buyers need to make educated decisions. Buyers' Real Estate Agents can keep their Buyers informed with up to date information collected by their Real Estate Board. 






I wanted to see if I should change the way I helped people.  I especially wanted to hear from Clients from years ago -their lifestyle was most likely to have changed. So whenever I spoke to Buyers I asked what they'd change about their home. I was surprised that everyone still likes their home. Even people whose life changed necessitating a move had no regrets.


"The listing broker does not work for you, but for the seller. If you want someone on your side, get a Buyers Agent."    Readers digest


Buying a home? Don't rely on rumours and guesses - you can't afford to make a mistake!


I want to make your purchase easier, more enjoyable, less time-consuming and less expensive. If you want someone to help you find a home or rental property please call me at 462-5000 or email me at .


My clients receive a personalizedBUYER'S BOOK which includes:


  • A detailed step by step plan to purchase a home.
  • Money.No surprises! I tell you how much money you will need at different points of the transaction.
  • Tips for selecting condos, lawyers and inspectors.
  • Complete list of properties that fit your want list.
  • Listings updated for your personal needs.
  • Map of the Real Estate Boards zones.
  • What you should do to protect yourself.
  • The strategy behind my actions on your behalf.
  • Contracts and forms we use. For your protection, I want you to be familiar with documents you sign.
  • Last minute price check: property comparison.
  • Writing up an offer. Don't skip the details.
  • Presenting and negotiating your offer. (strategy)
  • Removing conditions. Dealing with the paperwork.
  • Mortgage tips that can save you money.
  • Moving checklist (numbers and reminders).
  • Countdown to Moving Day. What to do when.



Buying a home is new to you. I help people buy homes all the time.  I can save you time & money. I am familiar with today's market and the ins and outs of the Edmonton area.


Why did AlbertachangetheReal Estate Laws?



To protect Consumers. The public was vulnerable because they did not know the truth. They assumed there was an Agent to represent Buyers and another Agent to represent Sellers. Since the implementation of the Real Estate Act, every Albertan has the right to have his interests represented by his own Agent. Loyalties and duties are clearly defined and disclosed.





WHO'S BUYING NOW? Real Estate Agents have Buyers looking for properties in every category and price range.  Buyers are moving and transferring to Edmonton because of our economy and lifestyle. More and more people want to own RENTAL PROPERTY. Rather than waste money on residence or rent, parents are purchasing accomodation for post secondary students. Graduate students and Interns are buying homes as well. There are still a lot of First Time Home Buyers. Edmontonians are taking advantage of their home's equity and low interest rates to purchase their dream home. And... the carefree lifestyle of Condominium ownership continues to attract a large number of Buyers. More and more Baby Boomers are moving into bungalow condominiums with garages.


If you are interested in RENTAL PROPERTIES, you will find a whole section that will help you at







When a Buyer deals directly with the Agent listing the property, the Buyer must sign away his right to full representation.


If you were divorcing, would you choose your spouse's lawyer to be your lawyer?



The Government has provided protection for Consumers yet Buyers often give up their right to have their own Agent.



WHY? It doesn't save Buyers money. The Seller usually pays the commission.



Why settle for less? Why put yourself in this situation?





Here's how I can help you:



  1. Falling in love with the "wrong" home can be expensive. I keep you on track.
  2. I use your price, your preferred payment not the bank limit. You won't be in over your head.
  3. I can give you down payment alternatives and information on mortgages that will help you.
  4. I give you a list of actual closing costs.
  5. I want you to get to new listings first. Otherwise you'll be looking at sold homes. I give you the latest information on new listings.
  6. I look after you,so you won't be influenced by Agents hired to sell the house to you.
  7. You won't have to go through newspapers, calling ads that are out of date even before the day they are published.
  8. You won't spend hours calling on signs, waiting someone to call back to tell you "It's sold" or drive miles looking for "Just Listed" signs.
  9. You won't waste your time viewing homes that are totally unsuitable or aren't as advertised.
  10. You won't have to put life on hold; I do your legwork. I sort through hundreds of listings a day.
  11. You won't worry about making a mistake. I give you the selling prices of similar homes in the area. I will not encourage you to pay too much.
  12. Why waste time looking if you can't get an accepted offer? I'm experienced at negotiating Purchase Agreements. When you find the right home, I work hard selling your offer to the Seller.
  13. I make the entire process as glitch-free as possible. I help you handle the details.



    My attitude towards helping people buy homes:


    I truly enjoy being a Buyers' Agent. I like helping my Buyers find a home that is good value for their money and suits their needs. Ineverencouragemyclientsto pay toomuch.



    I do not sell my clients anything! I work for my clients. I do not use my selling skills against my clients. I use my knowledge and experience to protect my clients.



    I can spend a lot of time helping my Buyerswithreal estate because many of my clients are sent to me by previous clients. That means I don?t waste time "cold-calling" strangersfor business.



    I work especially hard to make sure my Buyers get to the new listings first - Why look at houses that are already sold?



    I do not just show a few houses, write an offer and walk away. I show a lot of homes (houses that fit my Buyers requirements), really work at negotiating good terms for my Buyers and then help with all the details.





    Let me help you find the best property for you.


    I will help you through the myriad of details attending the actual purchase. I am always familiar with the current homes on the market, and I know neighborhood values well, so I can help you determine which properties are fairly-priced and in good condition before you start your search.


    Your First Step


    Your first step to buying a home is to first ask yourself why you want to buy a home: to stop paying rent? To start building equity? To have a place of your own? To raise a family? To entertain business associates? To move up to a bigger house? Next, list what kind of home you'd like and where you would like to be. Be specific. Separate the "must haves" from the "want to haves."


    Think of yourself as zeroing in on a target, going from the general to the specific. Consider area (city, suburban neighborhood, country); community (north, south, east, or west side); neighborhood (older and settled or sparkling new; a particular school zone; recreational facilities; and other community services such as transportation, day care, library, stores, entertainment). Ask yourself how many minutes you are willing to commute to work.


    Think about home styles. How much space do you need? Does your situation require a one-level home, or are stairs acceptable? Consider size and kind of property. Do you want a newer home, or maybe an older one to fix up? Someday you or your heirs will want to sell. Consider how long you expect to live in this particular home.


    Your Next Step?Loan Pre-Qualification


    Once you have addressed the above needs, your next step in the purchasing process is to get pre-qualified with a mortgage company. This can be done over the phone or even online in a matter of minutes.


    Call me and I will refer you to a mortgage professional that has an excellent reputation and track record for successfully acquiring loan approval for his/her clients.


    I Will Find The Right Homes For You


    Once you've been pre-qualified and know what price range you want to stay in, I can help you determine which properties fit your needs by using the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service system to locate them.


    I have the best possible resources and communication systems available today to help you locate the homes on the market that match your specifications. You can even search my listings here at my website.


    I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way


    I will help you complete your financing and inspections, and close on the transaction. My top priority is to make sure that your home buying experience is pleasant, cost-efficient, and successful. 




    WINTER 2003-/2004


    Interest rates are fluctuating - make sure you know exactly what your mortgage will cost you -  you may have more buying power than you think.


    The market has changed from the Sellers' Market of 2002 but Buyers still have trouble finding a suitable home. Houses in good condition and priced for today's market will sell in a few days - just as fast as houses sold in 2002's Sellers' Market.


    FALL 2003


    Many Sellers do not realize this year's market is different from last year's. Listings are sitting on the market longer.  The economy has slowed a bit so Buyers are a bit more cautious. Recent price increases mean First Time Home Buyers are expected to pay over $150,000 for a home that was well under $120,000 just a few years ago.


    The traditional reasons for homes not selling quickly are price and condition. My standard adviceto Sellers is update your research and take the time to de-clutter, touch up and clean.


    September 9, 2003


    SUMMER 2003


    This was a very unusual Summer. Prolonged, hot, dry weather made for a great summer holiday but also meant forest fires in BC and grasshoppers in the fields. The market was more normal. Not really a Sellers market. Prices remained up but Buyers and Sellers had time to make rational decisions. As usual, homes priced right and in great condition sold instantly.


    People are moving to Edmonton from all over. They need housing and they know they will have the jobs to pay for it. Prices are affected by the lowest interest rates in years. Buyers still base purchase price on their monthly mortgage payment. Sellers base their asking price on what they want to spend on the next one as well as what their neighbor got for his home.


    A huge influence on todays market is RENTAL PROPERTIES. People want to invest in something substantial. Mutual funds are out of favour and interest on your savings is negligible. It's a popular retirement plan. I plan on posting more information on rentals in SPECIAL REPORTS.


    SPRING 2003


    Is Spring here yet? What a strange year. The Iraqi war really stalled the market. Three days after the Americans arrived in Baghdad, it was going strong. Again now you have to be quick to get the best results. I get so many calls on my listings that are already sold from Buyers that are "looking for themselves". They are calling and calling and driving and driving and always missing the home they want. I suggest they choose a realtor to look after them - to give them new listings daily. My Buyers are finding homes and satisfied with the price they paid.


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